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GSUpdate5 1.3.24R - 04-12-2006
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Bugs fixed:
1. Virtual Keyboard: Now the cursor can be placed at the end of the string.

La lingua italiana e' compresa come al solito nel software.

1. Added Turkish language. Updated translations of the other languages.
2. Improved Dead Reckoning. Added "DR" symbol to the GPS status icon to indicate we are in the DR mode.
3. Sleep mode: the unit wakes up in case of alarm or upcoming turn.
4. Virtual Keyboard: Left/Right arrows are being disabled if their actions are not alowed.
5. Virtual Keyboard: Edit box area is used as "Enter" (the same as to press on the green right button).
6. Safety Cameras: Added support of both v1 and v2 formats.
7. Find Address: If road name is empty (now allowed) the city center search is performed.
8. Find Address: The current country is displayed in the title bar.
9. Find Address: Added BACK button to the Recently Found list.
10. Voice Language: Added custom voice language support. Tag "@" specifies that it is a custom language and its name is to be taken from description field.
11. Voice Language: Added "Test" button to hear "Welcome onboard" message.
12. All pages where top left/right scroll buttons are present now are looped and can be scrolled in any direction.
13. Start Navigation page: button "Clear" renamed to "Delete" for the contact from the Addres Book.
14. Redesigned Find POI starting page as it was done for Find Address.
15. System Info: Added display of the Sirf GPS type.
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