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FAA sectionals 1405 cycle

01 May 2014

The new digital and georeferenced FAA charts for your EKP V  for VFR navigation for United States are now available on our Shop online, buy and download them trhough the AvMap Suite.

Free updates for one year at just 59 $ !

12 updates for one year are included
Updates are issued every month. The year is counted from the date of purchase. Subscribe now!

This package includes charts of different type/scale:
- WAC (1:1.000.000)
- SEC (1:500.000)
- and TAC (1:250.000)

NOTE: VFR & IFR Charts require EKP V software version 1.4.53R ore higher (check the About page under "HL" item). To ensure you have the latest software update the navigator by using the EKP V Suite or contact our Customer Care.

Minimum Requirements:
16GB memory card, if you have  asmaller one please contact [email protected]


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